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What is Mystery Shopping?
Mystery Shopping involves Representatives acting as customers and guests, and placing unannounced visits and / or calls to a business. Customized evaluation forms are developed that focus on the distinct standards and characteristics that define the business. Scheduled evaluations are then conducted to ascertain whether the standards and criteria developed by your company are in place and being followed.

How long has this type of service been around?
Mystery Shopping Programs have been used in North America for over 50 years. Historically, it has been large companies that have used such a service, due to the costs associated with the program.

What is SQM?
SQM or Sensors Quality Management Inc. is the company that created, owns, and operates MyShop. SQM provides clients around the world with Quality / Service Assurance, Market Research and Mystery Shopping services.

What can MyShop do for me?
MyShop allows you to utilize Mystery Shopping for your business at an affordable cost.

How can a small-sized company afford such a service?
MyShop has been created by eliminating certain steps from the program, and automating others. The result is a more affordable service that can now be utilized by small and medium sized businesses.

What is the difference between using MyShop and using a full-service company such as SQM?
When using a full-service firm, you are paying for various components of the program that are not necessary for smaller businesses. This may include onsite meetings, regular phone updates, customized statistical reports, and executive summaries. MyShop eliminates such add-on services, and uses the Internet to automate other components of your program.

How much does it cost to use MyShop?
Each Mystery Shop is completed at a cost of $50.00. This fee covers travel to and from the location, the completion of an evaluation form (maximum 45 questions) and online reporting of the results. In addition to the $50.00 Mystery Shopping fee, clients are responsible for any applicable taxes and expenses. There are no setup fees, and client support is optional.

What type of client support is available and what is the cost?
Many myshopbysqm.com clients have questions about their Mystery Shopping program and how to effectively use their results. To better assist clients, optional client support is available. This support can be purchased in hourly installments at a cost of $75.00 per hour (a minimum purchase of 1 hour is required). You may increase, decrease or cancel your client support service at any time.

How many Mystery Shops do I have to complete?
There is no minimum number of Mystery Shops that you have to complete to use MyShop. Most companies will visit and / or call each of their locations on a monthly basis (12 times a year), while others will complete inspections every two months. Depending on the goals and objectives for doing the Mystery Shops, programs become less effective as the frequency of inspections is reduced.

Can I use MyShop to create a program and then get out of it, or am I committed to a contract?
There are no contracts involved when using MyShop. While certain programs may involve lower fees due to volume discounts, you are only responsible for the cost of completed Mystery Shops.

How do I sign up for MyShop?
To use the MyShop system, you must first register as a user by following very simple step-by-step instructions.

Can I customize my MyShop Program?
Absolutely. Whether it is the questions on the evaluation form, the volume or frequency of visits, or the actual scenario being used during the inspection, all aspects of MyShop Programs are customized to meet your needs.

Can I change my existing MyShop program?
At anytime during the course of your program, you can change a variety of items, simply by logging into the website and editing the specific area.

What industries most commonly use MyShop services?
Any company that cares about its quality, service, and cleanliness can utilize a Mystery Shopping Program. MyShop's parent company, SQM, completes work for hotels, resorts, restaurants, nightclubs, retail stores, automotive dealerships, banks, grocery stores, and even doctors' offices. MyShop can also be used for just about any business, in just about any industry.

Is MyShop accessible internationally?
As long as you have access to the Internet, you can access your program, your inspection results, and your summary statistics.

Is MyShop supported in various languages?
Although businesses anywhere in the world can use MyShop, currently the service is only available in English.

What payment methods does MyShop accept?
For your convenience your MyShop inspections can be paid for using any valid credit card. We currently accept American Express, Visa, or Mastercard.

How do I retrieve my reports on MyShop?
Each user of MyShop is provided with a username and password. As soon as an inspection has been completed, the users are notified by email. At that point, the users can access their reports wherever they are and whenever they want, as long as they have access to the Internet.

What technical support is available to me?
Service support is available to all MyShop users. Service contracts can be purchased by the hour at a cost of $75.00 per hour.

Does MyShop include any guarantee?
MyShop guarantees that all requested Mystery Shops will be completed with instructions and scenarios adhered to, and complete evaluation forms submitted. Although every effort is made to complete all Mystery Shops during the time period for which they have been requested, this is not always possible for a variety of reasons. In the event that Mystery Shops are not completed in the time period for which they have been requested, MyShop will attempt to complete the Mystery Shops as soon as possible.

How secure is my personal information?
It is MyShops policy not to disclose client information without your prior approval.

What if I forget my username or password?
As long as you have your registered email address, username, or password, you can use MyShops automated system to obtain the forgotten information.